Written May 30, 2010



Maureen Barnard, Licensed Pastoral Counselor

Hi Lenny,

I just read your story about your back operations. What an inspiration you are! What a major ordeal you have gone through. I guess the statement is true that" there is no strength where there is no struggle".

When I first read about your blindness, I could relate somewhat because I have a daughter who is legally blind. When I read this story about your operations and not being able to move, it touched me again and again, I could relate. My 2nd daughter was born with mild cerebral palsy. I was told she would not walk without surgery and my response was "oh yes she will". I prayed and stood her up every day and forced her to move those legs. At age 2 she began to walk and talk. When she was 5, she went to Hershey for surgery on her legs and had casts on both legs for 6 weeks. They told me she would need lots of rehab, and would probably not walk when the casts were removed without rehab. I said ”oh yes she will”. I prayed and quoted healing scriptures and the day they removed those casts she stood up and walked for the first time with her feet on the floor. We ended up staying at Hershey rehab for about 6 weeks.

I never let my daughters know they had a handicap and I didn't baby them. I pushed them to succeed. My daughter who is legally blind, is working on her PHD at Pitt. She is married and pregnant with her 2nd child. She has mastered everything she tries. My youngest daughter graduated from Dickinson, was senior class President of her college, worked at the White house editing speeches for George Bush and now works for IBM. I have a son who had ADD and I told him it was a gift to be able to accomplish a lot of things. He is in college, 3 majors, Chinese, finance and business.

My God is able. I believe in the power of prayer, I believe in laying hands on the sick. I believe in miracles. I was a single mom for 20 yrs and I was strict with my kids. The odds were not good for kids success in a single parent home. I did not want them to be a statistic, so I prayed a lot and spoke positive things into their life.

Lenny, I'm not sure but I want you to look up "prolotherepy". I think it will help you. It will be great for your muscular skeletal system. Dr. Scott Greenberg is in Cherry Hill N.J. who does this treatment. Here is MY story: I had 4 ruptured discs and was in severe pain for 3 years. Three doctors wanted to operate and put rods and screws in my back, and I said “No way”! I am married to a physician now and he wanted me to have surgery. I said no!. I found Dr. Greenberg searching the internet. I went to him 5 times and each time he injected me with 60 to 70 shots of sugar water into my joints; the sugar water has a touch of lidocaine in it. This causes your body to become inflamed. then The body alerts itself to start healing itself and the tendons & ligaments are built up and strengthened. 5 trips to Cherry Hill and I was pain free. The migraine headaches I suffered with for 40 yrs were gone too.

My youngest daughter just started this treatment because of the CP; she has hip and leg pain. I'm praying and believing God that he will heal her and prolotherepy is the way God is going to heal her. Check into it, my husband was amazed and now tells his patients about it.

Some of Dr. Greenberg’s patients are the former surgeon general C. Everett Coupe, the sports teams in Phila. (Hockey, football etc.). I think Dr. Greenberg may help you. Nothing is by chance; I read about you for a reason. Your story is touching and quite remarkable about the power of determination and the power of prayer. Nothing is impossible with God. You made a choice to live and that was a harder decision to live up to. It would have been so easy to give up, but you didn’t. God bless you Lenny, your story has touched me...so inspirational, you give HOPE a new meaning. I'll keep you in prayer. Blessings, Maureen Barnard

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