Written August 2001

Indy Visits The Library


Leonard A. McHugh

Photo Of Lenny and Indy At The Pottsville Free Public Library's Summer Reading Program

On July 24, 2001, I talked to the youth and parents who participated in the Pottsville Free Public Library 's summer reading program about my Freedom Guide Dog Indy. During my presentation I explained that no one should ever talk or pet a guide dog because the blind person's safety depends on the dog's alertness. I told several stories about how people try to talk, pet, hug, and kiss Indy. One lady even tried to feed Indy a soft pretzel.

During the presentation, Indy's harness was removed. Everyone could see the change in Indy. He immediately became a playful Black Lab. He wanted to play with everyone in the room. When the harness was placed back on Indy, his personality immediately changed into a working dog.

When leaving the library, Indy demonstrated what is called intelligent disobedience. At the top of the steps a forward command was given several times. Indy totally ignored the commands until he knew that I was aware of the steps. Only then would Indy follow the forward command and proceed down the steps.

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