Written January 2004

Almost In TheMovies


Leonard A. McHugh

In 1992, much of the filming of the movie The Distinguished Gentleman Starring: Eddie Murphy, Joe Don Baker, Sheryl Lee, Victoria Rowell, Grant Shaud, Lane Smith was in Harrisburg Pa. The capitol building was only a four or five minute walk from the PennDot building where I worked as a computer systems analysts.

One lunch hour I decided to walk over to the filming area to listen to what was going on. I was very careful to stay near the top of the plaza keeping as far away from the street as possible. I did not want to get into anyone's way.

After about 15 minutes following filming of the scene, where the pick up truck went racing down the street and the hubcap was knocked off, the crew started yelling at someone to get out of the way. The more they yelled the more interested I became on what was happening. The thought that they were yelling at me never crossed my mind, especially since I took great care to be far away from the filming setting.

After about five minutes, seemed like thirty, a security person came close to me and started yelling. When I unfolded my cane and started walking away there was total silence. I can only imagine what they thought when they learned that I could not see to whom they were pointing and yelling.

So I guess that really dampened my career as a "stand in" for the movies. I did enjoy the movie and more enjoyed telling this story.

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