Written May 2001

My Mind's Eye


Leonard A. McHugh

As time passes, I know that we all are changing. The physical changes are immediately apparent to the sighted world. In my case images of old friends and classmates are frozen in time by my memory.

Periodically I visit my old alma mater, Pottsville Area High School . There I present a blindness awareness program to some of the classes.

The instructor of the health class that I routinely visit is a former classmate of mine. I usually tell these fifteen or sixteen-year-old kids that Mrs. Laubach still looks like a seventeen-year-old. When they stop laughing, I would explain that I know that she has changed but what I see is the memory of how she looked when we were seniors in this school.

Recently, I went to my thirty-fifth class reunion. What a shock to my system. Again I only see these people as teenagers. When I heard some of the physical problems it almost seems impossible. As the world changes my memories do not. These kids as I see them can not possibly have these problems.

On the lighter side, some of the ladies say that is what they like best about me. They know that I still see them as young and wrinkle free.

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