Written March 2004



Leonard A. McHugh


A few days ago when riding in the car, I briefly heard part of a discussion about evolution vs. creation. I have been hearing this argument for the last thirty or forty years. I started thinking more about this and I came to the conclusion that they are probably one and the same.

I first thought about a meeting when I worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. For a few years I worked on the Roadway Management System and later transferred to the Bridge Management System. Now, I found myself in a meeting with the two groups. There was an argument about overpasses vs. underpasses. After listening to the argument for about ten minutes I started laughing. The people on the roadway side referred to something that goes over the road as an overpass where as the bridge people view a roadway under the bridge as an underpass. When the meeting started they did not realize that they were actually talking about the same physical feature.

Now in the radio broadcast the statement was made about time and the fact that the earth is hundreds of millions years old. Probably true, I was not around long enough to verify. But this did bring me to think about time. In our time a day is defined as twenty-four hours, the time it takes for one revolution of the earth. We have no concept of what a day is in our creator's time. In contrast to eternity, a few hundred-million years is probably only an eye-blink.

A further tangible example of this is viewing a model railroad. I have a friend that has a very large HO scale railroad. It takes about twenty minutes for one train to complete the main loop around the platform. This twenty minute trip, in our time, travels several thousand scale miles. In the scale time, the trip would be nearly two weeks. So I can not help but to picture our universe as a model layout with God sitting at the controls.

Over the years I heard many discussions about evolution. I can only see that evolution is actually creation by design. For those of you who are lucky to own a computer, compare it to an early 1960 calculator or better yet an abacus or slide rule? The computer not only evolved from these primitive tools but was created and evolved by design.

Another example is from early man living in caves and straw huts to buildings like the Empire State Building or the SEARS Towers. Again our art of architecture is a constant evolution created by design.

Personally, I believe that with each new generation our creator might make subtle improvements that appear to us as a natural evolution process. I do believe that creation is to evolution as the overpass is to the underpass; they first appear on the surface to be different but in reality they are actually the same thing.

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