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Muttluks dog boots

From the web page: Muttluks has several models of dog boots ranging from top performance Muttluks to economy Hot Doggers. Muttluks Proudly designed and made in Canada since 1994, Muttluks are not just fancy footwear for canines. They provide superior performance and “Pawsitive Relief” for your canine companion. Available in eight sizes and two models: Fleece Lined Muttluks and All Weather Muttluks. • Self-tightening straps provide a secure fit • Reflective straps for nighttime visibility • Genuine leather soles for a soft flexible fit • Comfortable adjustable stretchy leg cuff • Machine washable • Fleece Lined Muttluks feature warm and cozy fleece interior ideal for winter protection Additional information: Under our Woof Wish Program Assistance and Working dogs receive a 50% discount on all Muttluks products and a 50% discount on shipping charges. We do ask for either an IAADP Membership number or registration in a similar program for verification. My Review. I have the all-weather boots. I especially like them in hot summer weather. Sometimes the parking lots get so hot that seal coat of tar melts. One time I stepped out of the car with my first guide and I destroyed a pair of sneakers and my wife had a hard time getting the tar off of his foot. I usually avoid that restaurant now in the summer. But the point is that the tarmac gets very hot. The boots protect Toga’s feet. I do not know how many people asked me why I have shoes on my dog. When I explained about how hot parking lots get they almost all told me that they never would have thought of that. I must confess, I did not think about that until the tar incident. It sometimes is a little difficult for me to put them on her. That is not a design issue but I also have some dexterity issues. It really was funny the first time that I put them on Indy, Micah and now Toga. They did not know what to do and just stood. It took a little coaxing to get them to walk. Indy was the funniest. He marched. After walking around the house for about 15 minutes we harnessed up and we went for a walk which was fairly normal. I do like the reflective straps it helps with night working safety. I just switched to the yellow ones for Toga. If one should come off it quickly would bring attention to someone walking along and make it easier to locate. The product is very well made and I would highly recommend them. Contact Muttlucks: Muttluks Inc. 2360 Midland Avenue Units 3-5 Toronto, ON M1S 4A9 telephone: (416) 699-6922 1-888-MUTTLUK (688-8585) fax: (416) 699-4161 1-877-MUTTFAX (688-8329)

AltraGrips Lite® Ice Cleats

From the web page: I feature innovative Jordan David slip resistant footwear because they're the recognized industry leader in slips and falls prevention. No matter what slippery surface, or combination of slippery surfaces, you'll find an effective, low cost, common sense solution for minimizing slips and falls at Slip Resistant Over Slip Resistant Footwear Make Regular Shoes Slip Resistant They have unique, patented features that make them perfect for delivery drivers. do not have to be removed when going indoors or when driving when ordered with the low profile 1mm studs because both the studs and treads make contact with the surface giving you traction on ice and snow as well as smooth dry and wet surfaces. You give up the full protection from water damage to your shoes but gain the ability to more easily have them with you when and where you need them. There's a ridge on the inside of the heel that catches in the ridge between the sole and shoe's upper to help keep them in place. They're easy to put on your shoes or boots. Simply place the toe of your shoe in the front strap. Then you grab the two rear, textured Dual Pull Tabs, a patented Jordan David exclusive feature, pulling the heel strap out and back. It's also easier because of Jordan David's Dual Density Design. The rubber between the front of the shoe and the heel where there is little or no wear is thinner making the device easier to stretch. They're uni-foot so you don't have to worry about left or right. •They stay securely on your footwear. Nevertheless, I highly recommend the Ankle Strap accessory. It provides one more way to prevent the shoe attachments from coming off your shoes or boots in a deep, wet snow. Here is my review: After speaking with Nolan at about using them while working a guide dog, it was highly recommended that I try the Altragrips-Lite because of the low profile stud. Not often but occasionally I step upon Toga’s foot. Since these studs are very small it is highly unlikely that I would cause major damage to her foot. I use to have a pair that I would never consider wearing while working the dog because the spikes were about one half inch long. I also tried the ones that use the springs, that was a disaster. You must remove them before walking indoors the springs could roll and a fall is sure to happen. You are instructed to remove them. First I have some coordination problems making it difficult to keep putting them on and off. Also I would not want to deal with the dirty slushy snow on them. How do you clean your hands before going inside a business? I find the worst time to walk is a few days after a snow storm. Most sidewalks are cleared but there is the occasional one that has not been cleaned or worse where melted snow has refrozen. I destroyed a few pairs of the spring type because of walking on dry pavement anticipating an icy portion. The Altragrips-Lite solved this problem since they can be worn on any surface. Last year I must have walked about ten miles on dry pavement and parking lots and they still look like new. This is a product I think everyone should use. The price is much cheaper than a fall resulting in bodily injury. Contact 1904 Redwood Avenue Wyomissing, PA 19610 Telephone: 1-888-205-4477 Fax: 610-670-7372 Email:

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